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CamingoSlab specimen

A sturdy and solid presence, CamingoSlab is defined by its heavy serifs, low stroke contrast and elliptic curves. Yet it retains a light touch, and feels vivid and friendly, thanks to the humanistic tone that derives more from handwriting than from strict construction.

When used in display sizes, the light and dark weights ensure attractive headlines, especially in all-caps settings. The middle weights show their strength in small sizes: A good readability and an economic flow make CamingoSlab a safe bet for running text.

Special attention has been paid to compatibility with the other members of the Camingo series — With their consistent line heights, an equal grey value and the same formal language it can be seamlessly combined with CamingoDos and CamingoMono.

CamingoSlab feels comfortable in Branding and Editorial Design. A rich set of OpenType features allow for advanced typographic tasks: It contains small caps, ligatures, 10 different figure sets, stylistic alternates and two sets of arrows. CamingoSlab comes in seven weights from ExtraLight to Black, both in Roman and Italic.